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It all starts with YOUR wellbeing.  We offer empowering and transformational journeys through our coaching programmes, member’s clubs and wellbeing courses, enabling you to create a meaningful lifestyle. We are a Holistic wellbeing company, no matter what part of the journey you are on or at or where you are heading we have created a complete circle of wellbeing services & products all tailored with You in mind.  

Life Coaching and Success Coaching is at the heart of everything we do, giving you the confidence to make those changes along your journey. We are CPD certified life coaches and NLP Master practitioner that are here to listen and help you upgrade your life. We are committed to supporting you and guiding you through the process to improving your life. Together we will focus on bringing your goals to life.

Wellbeing Centre for Learning offers industry recognised accredited qualifications through our Online courses. Self Development is key to anyones transformation and empowerment, unlocking your zest for learning is often a key part of your success. “By Continuing To Learn, You Become More Emotionally Resilient As A Person” Start your learning today anytime anywhere…

Our Mission is to enlighten you to live an empowered life, 
from your place of knowing

Emma & Carrie 

Our life coaching programmes have been inspired by our journey to help teach and illuminate the wonderful qualities around mindset coaching and with everything that can bring. 

We are all about ‘Wellbeing” as a team of life coaching experts we tailor our sessions to give you the enlightened support on your self development journey. So whether it’s each month or every year you want to build on your wellbeing it’s waiting for you. 

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Mental Wellbeing is a healthy mindset of our mental resilience to life’s stress and challenges. Enriched mental health helps us make healthy choices, recognise our value, our worth and our potential. Good mental wellbeing increases our ability to share our gifts and skills with the world with ease. The ability to be fully in the moment, is a useful way to encourage healthier mental wellbeing. You can learn how to be more in the present moment, instead of ruminating over the past or future by learning how to meditate and be more mindful. Learning the art of concentration can also be a positive way to help us on this journey to positive Mental Wellbeing.

Emotional Wellbeing contributes to healthy self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and balance of emotions. Positive emotional wellbeing helps us cope and thrive in our relationships. Emotional wellbeing is having the ability to accept, own and express your emotional needs and feelings when required. If you have good Emotional wellbeing you have the skill to handle relationships healthily. Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping can be a useful holistic therapy to help release those built up negative emotions.

Physical Wellbeing relates to a healthy balanced and optimal functioning body, including our bodies’ energy levels, endurance, and flexibility. Physical wellness is our physical lifestyle, the ability to sleep, eat, perform, be free from addiction and medication. Good nutrition supports the physical elements of wellness leading to positive physical wellbeing.

Spiritual Wellbeing is the ability to experience meaning and purpose in life through a connection to one’s self, or a power greater than oneself. It is known to be one of the most powerful sources of strength, inspiration, and motivation on the journey of recovery and healing. Spiritual strength is often extremely personal and means different things to different people. But the ability to access your super conscious mind, tap into our higher self can help connect with a more spiritual way of being. It can certainly help in lowering anxiety, stress and depression levels, plus help cultivate more gratitude and positivity.

Social Wellbeing is social inclusion and social belonging; Supported by, connected and in equilibrium with the society or world you live in. Social wellbeing can be linked to values, traditions, and lifestyle. Any social aspect that supports greater wellbeing. Your friends, family, community, the groups you are part of, your culture, religion, place of education or place of work. That is why feeling as if you belong to certain groups can be very supportive in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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