Are your Employees “Stress” free?

Are your employees suffering symptoms of stress due to lockdown?

Do you feel that you and your team would benefit from wellbeing and stress coaching?
We have developed live stress coaching workplace zoom workshops, adapted to our clients needs. We use life coaching questioning techniques to identify and discover stress areas as it is common for people to not recognise or necessarily be aware of these.

Our Stress Coaching is:
* Understanding stress and symptoms, this can feel very different to different people. Together we explore this and identify effective stress management toolboxes
* Stress triggers, what these are, how these have changed with lockdown restrictions and current coping mechanisms
* Investigating positive coping and stress management techniques including action, emotion and acceptance techniques
* Investigating best home working practices to limit stress, adding structure and developing employee social interaction bubbles and activities
* We also suggest conversations with the employer or manager to understand work flow, skills setting, motivational projects and social interaction and team building ideas whilst in lockdown.
* With this we will provide pre-recorded a mindfulness and meditation workshop
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