How to Build your Confidence

Having Confidence is an important factor in our lives. It can determine how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about others and in turn can affect our personal and business relationships. Confidence is the belief you have in yourself to handle emotional, social, personal and professional situations. What self beliefs do you have around each of these areas ? The cost of being under confident can cause a person to avoid relationship, career and business opportunities due to fear of failure, hurt or embarrassment.

We project our confidence to others which can change the way they perceive our attractiveness and ability to deal with relationships, tasks and tackle personal and professional challenges. Confidence can all too often be the subconscious decider between our success or failure.

How can you improve confidence?

The good thing is that you can learn and build confidence. Confidence comes when you know that you can emotionally deal with the outcome of whatever you pursue in your life. The answer is to start to face your emotions around situations, speaking up for yourself, challenging goals and limiting negative talk. With each step you take you will build confidence and take more steps.

Being mindful of every emotion including positive and negative that you feel around a situation. Feel all of these emotions and fears that you have about these situations even if they feel uncomfortable. You may feel embarrassment, sadness and vulnerability. By going through this process and feeling these emotions you will start to build an emotional resilience to these fears and rationalise how to deal with them should they arise.

Learn to express yourself in a positive and kind manner by speaking your truth. Sometimes we can avoid saying what we need to say and this can further impact our confidence. Setting yourself goals is an important part of the confidence reprogramming process. If you were worried about social meetings or public speaking, you would start off by choosing a small gathering of people. After you had experienced this you may be surprised by how it felt. Again work your way through your feelings. Was it as bad as you thought? Were there elements you enjoyed? What were the good feelings? After you have worked through these feelings you may want to set yourself another goal, larger groups. Sometimes by doing something that you thought that you couldn’t do in itself builds confidence.

Be mindful of how you are communicating with yourself, don’t be so harsh. Negative self talk is extremely damaging and limiting to your quality of life.

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