Essential steps to Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is not an exact science and can feel and be different across individuals but the essential steps to wellbeing consist of having good relationships, physical activity, learning new skills, having a feeling of purpose and mindfulness in your everyday life.

Healthy Relationships

Connecting with other people, not just on social media platforms. Good healthy relationships are important for wellbeing as they give you a sense of purpose and belonging, sharing your day to day and receiving or giving emotional support. Therefore, establishing and strengthening these relationships by allowing time to spend with friends and family. Engaging with them fully rather than the use of divisionary aids like tv and game consoles. If you are unable to do this face to face using video chat apps to keep the contact is recommended. Have a look at our courses around life coaching.

Physical Activity and Wellbeing

Evidence shows that physical activity can increase not only your physical wellbeing but also your emotional wellbeing. You could find an exercise that is team based where you could connect with other people at the same time. Or maybe a yoga course where you could combine physical activity with mindfulness. Combined with this it is important to create a healthy body through a nutritional diet, take a look at our accredited nutritional courses.

Learning New Skills

Research shows that learning new skills can also improve your mental wellbeing by boosting your self-confidence, raising self-esteem, helping build a sense of purpose and potentially helping you connect with other. There are many new skills that you can learn, start by deciding what it is you would like to achieve from the learning. It could be personal development, a deeper understanding of a subject of interest or learning that could facilitate setting up your own business. Wellbeing centre for learning can help you get the right accredited course. Our courses range from Reiki, mindfulness, nutrition, dog related businesses and many more. Take a look for your next wellbeing step.

Sense of purpose

Research suggests that acts of kindness to others can create a sense of purpose and self- worth. Why not try a course where you can help others by giving healing, life coaching, nutritional plans?


Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment. It is easy to be distracted by technology, demands on our time that we can miss very important things that are happening around us. Paying attention to the present moment can aid our wellbeing, by making us more aware of our thoughts and feelings and the world and people around us. By understanding the moment, it can change the way you feel about life and could positively change the way you approach things. Please see our accredited mindfulness course to learn techniques that you can adopt.

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