Life hacks to help reduce stress from our lives

Life hacks to help reduce stress:

Be Active – helps reduce the emotional intensity you can feel, clears your thoughts and lets you deal with your issues more calmly.

Take control – The act of taking control is in itself empowering, and it’s a crucial part of finding a solution that satisfies you and not someone else.

Connect with people – A good support network of colleagues, friends and family can ease your troubles and help you see things in a different way. We often have a good laugh with them, which is an excellent stress reliever.

Have some ‘me time’-  We often don’t spend enough time doing things we really enjoy. Set aside purposeful time in your day / week where you have quality “me time” away from work.

Challenge yourself – Setting yourself goals and challenges, whether at work or outside, such as learning a new skills or hobbies helps build confidence. This will help you deal with stress.

“By continuing to learn, you become more emotionally resilient as a person.”

Work smarter not harder – Working smarter means prioritising your tasks, concentrating on the tasks that’ll make a real difference to your work and day.

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