Business Plan Writing Certification


Business Plan Writing Certification

Course duration: 4 hours

Comprehensive course with over 40 course modules to complete.


Business Plan Writing Certification

Course duration: 4 hours

No business can be successful without a reliable and well-structured business plan. Writing out a business plan forces you to review your entire business, investigate every important aspect and think about how to link different facets of your business together. In fact, a business plan is the blueprint for your business and will lend itself to change and evolution as your business grows and thrives. It’s an equally useful resource when things go wrong and you need to analyse your business.

Writing a business plan correctly is crucial to the foundation of your business and it’s important to be comprehensive, clear and effective. It’s equally important to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that most entrepreneurs make.

What’s Covered in the Course?

This course on creating a business plan explains many important elements that comprise a good business plan. You will learn about:

  • Why you need a business plan and when you should have one ready
  • The important information that a business plan should include
  • How to identify and reach out to your niche market
  • How to choose the best streams of revenue for your business
  • How to develop a strong founding team for your business
  • Understanding SWOT analysis and competition in your business
  • How to include financials in the business plan like revenue, projects, profits, losses etc
  • How to understand the economics surrounding your business and product and determining the correct pricing
  • How to use pricing to calculate your profit margins, breakeven point and so on
  • Determining equity, liability, assets of your business and including a balance sheet

The course also includes several well-designed exercises to help you practise creating a solid business plan for your product or service.

This video course offers the following benefits

The benefits of doing the video course on creating a business plan include:

  • Understanding the different components that go into building a successful business
  • Learning the intricacies and nuances of writing the perfect business plan
  • Understanding the importance of targeting the right niche market for your product
  • Understanding the financials that are crucial to creating a good business plan

Course Modules:

Module 02: Exercises

Module 03: Three Sentence Business Plan

Module 04: 3 Tier Business Plan Example

Module 05: Your 3 Tier Business Plan

Module 06: 1 Page Business Plan

Module 07: 1 Page Business Plan Example

Module 08: What is a Business Plan?

Module 09: When You Need a Business Plan

Module 10: What is a Business Model

Module 11: How Long Should a Business Plan Be?

Module 12: Executive Summary

Module 13: Executive Summary Example

Module 14: Product or Service Section

Module 15: What Stage is Your Company In?

Module 16: Company Stage Example

Module 17: Market Size

Module 18: Opportunity Size

Module 19: How to Identify Your Target Market

Module 20: Target Market Example

Module 21: Marketing Plan

Module 22: Marketing Plan Example

Module 23: Marketing Plan – Continued

Module 24: Revenue Streams

Module 25: Revenue Streams Section of the Business Plan

Module 26: Founding Team & Management

Module 27: Team Section of the Business Plan

Module 28: Competition

Module 29: Competition Section of Your Business Plan

Module 30: SWOT Analysis

Module 31: SWOT Example

Module 32: Appendix Session

Module 33: Cash Flow Projection

Module 34: Forecasting For Existing Businesses

Module 35: Profit Forecasting for a New Business

Module 36: Income Statement

Module 37: Pricing & LTV

Module 38: Unit Economics

Module 39: Unit Economics Example

Module 40: Previous Funding

Module 41: How to Calculate Gross & Net Profit

Module 42: Entering Profit Calculations on Your Business Plan

Module 43: Profit Margin

Module 44: Profit Margin Example

Module 45: Proforma Earnings

Module 46: Proforma Example

Module 47: Elements of a Balance Sheet

Module 48: Company Assets

Module 49: Liabilities

Module 50: How to Calculate Equity