Career Coaching


Career Coaching package is 6 hours of 1-2-1 coaching along with additional 2 hours of coaching supporting during this programme.

Career coaching really helps when you are at a crossroads? Time for a change? Struggling to progress?

We will work on your career development creating a clear & dynamic roadmap for your own career. We will explore your career options & find your best fit for the future.


Career Coaching

Are you at a crossroads? Is it time for a change? Are you struggling to progress?

We can work on your career development creating a clear & dynamic roadmap for your own career. We will explore your career options & find your best fit for the future.

Career coaching can often be about boosting your job search discovering what recruiters are looking for and impressing with your CV & interview skills.

We are committed to supporting you and guiding you through the process to improving your career. Together we will focus on the areas in your Career where you may feel need improvement. Together we will also discover your career goals. We take a holistic approach that involves creating action plans. Along this journey we will help you to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of your career dreams and goals.

Why our Coaches?

Our coaches are CPD certified coaches with substantial experience in career coaching. Our coaches have held senior management positions within the recruitment industry, assisting thousands of people in their career transitions and aspirations.

Our Career Coaching Process

We follow a process where we will support you to:

  1. Discover your Career aims and examine your Career options from a fresh and in-depth perspective.
  2. Help you to identify and uphold your career values
  3. Understand Career concerns and challenges, being a sounding board and helping you to create realistic ideas to overcome these
  4. Provide empowering emotional and motivational support, especially during crucial decision-making phases and times of opportunities
  5. Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, mental blocks and internal challenges.
  6. Form a clear and realistic vision of your future career.
  7. Formulate an action plan, and keep motivated to stay committed to your progress towards your business goals

Examples of areas of consideration :

  1. Goal setting and timescales
  2. Promotions & interviews
  3. Overcoming obstacles
  4. Work/life balance
  5. Mindset & Motivation
  6. Procrastination
  7. Leadership
  8. Time management
  9. Organisational skills
  10. Communication skills
  11. Public speaking
  12. Mindset
  13. SWOT Analysis
  14. Delivering peak performance
  15. Maximising your potential
  16. Taking action

How it will work:

  • 6 x 1 hour 1-2-1 online coaching sessions
  • Additional 2 hour online coaching support which includes scheduled mid action plan follow up to review, highlights and challenges faced with the tasks set out. Also includes email support in between coaching sessions.
  • Plan of action and associated notes from meetings.
  • Option to join Private facebook group for the Life Coaching Members

Additional 1-2-1 coaching sessions charged at £75.00 per hour

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