Want to get better results in your life? Louise Hay – daily quotes & affirmations

Affirmations are “belief phrases” that instil feelings of positivity and happiness, while helping to change thoughts and attitudes. Used as part of our daily routines, affirmations starting creating the changes in our lives. Louise Hay was a was a motivational author who created a life time of inspirational content and books, Hay House being her publishing company.

“My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy” – Louise Hay

“All is well in my world” – Louise Hay

“Today, is going to be a really really good day” Louise Hay

“Every thought we think is creating our future” – Louise Hay

“Everything comes to me at the perfect time” – Louise Hay

“I am Love. I am Energy. I am a shining light. – Louise Hay

“I speak and think Positively” – Louise Hay

“Love is contagious. When I share Love, it comes back to me multiplied” – Louise Hay

“I am willing to see my magnificence” – Louise Hay

“I am healthy and filled with energy” – Louise Hay

“I AM in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life” – Louise Hay

“Positivity plays a lovely part in allowing the changes to flow and happen within and to us. As holistic therapist and life coach, I work with you and guide you to allow you to make the changes.” Emma – Wellbeing Centre for Learning.

“What we think about comes about”… Thoughts become things. Choose to create beautiful, loving, happy thoughts.

Affirmations are powerful self-help tools to influence changes in your moods, feelings, thoughts and habits. They require practise to be effective and the more you do them, they will become as automatic as brushing your teeth every day! Make them part of your daily routine, have them near you in your wallet, on your fridge, on a post-it note in a place you will see it regularly…

Positive affirmations

Mindfully making a change, with empowering affects. Emma – Wellbeing Centre for Learning. Your chance to change your own internal self talk, leading you to a more empowered you. Talk to us today to find out more about our therapies and coaching programmes tailored just for you.

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