What are the best Mantra’s to increase your mindset?

Simple words and phrases have the power to interrupt negativity and invite change in life. Discover how mantras can affect your well-being.

Have you ever had such negative thoughts about yourself that you ultimately ended up hurting your own feelings? Yes! We are all human and we are our own toughest critics. Incorporating positive mantras into our daily lives can really help change our mindset for the day.

Mantras have been around for thousands of years we meditate on them, we find them in pop songs that encourage us to “Shine”, “I gotta feeling” and get “Happy.” We stick them to our fridges and computers, pin them to our Pinterest boards, post on our facebook pages and click Like button!

Mantra’s to help shift your mindset:

You can use these mantras in your daily life, they can offer our minds a productive thought, allow us to put all our energy into a particular feeling or idea, or aid us in becoming more present. 

  1. Everything is difficult before it gets easy
  2. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn
  3. Today, I will try something new!
  4. Limits only exist in the mind.
  5. Attitude is everything.
  6. Forget the mistake, remember the lesson
  7. I welcome all forms of positivity into my life
  8. I love myself for being me
  9. I accept myself for who I am
  10. I totally, I completely love and accept myself just the way I am
  11. I am grateful
  12. “My Life gets better all the time” Louise Hay.
  13. I am enough
  14. Laughter lightens my load
  15. Be a warrior, not a worrier
  16. My Life is good
  17. I surround myself with loving people
  18. I choose to be happy
  19. I have the power to create change
  20. …..

How powerful can ‘Power Words’ be in our daily lives?

Create your own personal mantra’s, include power words in them. Try some of these power words in your mantra / affirmation: Best, Powerful, Excellent, Loving, Brilliant, Now, Free, Knowledge, Proud, Delight, Energy, Increase, Wonderful, Wise, Alive, Fun, Win, Friendship, Honest, Strong, Great…

Using mantras to encourage positive self-talk is an excellent way to boost your mindset and self love! Practice them daily as reminder of who you are and who you would like to become. Stick them on your fridge or some where you will see them regularly. Say your mantra out loud and to yourself, really allow yourself to believe your mantra and trust that in time, your negative thoughts will change to inspire you instead.

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