World Kindness Day 2020 How does it make you feel?

World Kindness day – Friday 13th November 2020


World Kindness Day is a lovely day that’s celebrated all around the world. World Kindness Day is a day of acceptance, diversity, and love.

The World Kindness Movement (WKM) purely focus on inspiring and encouraging people to show greater kindness for a fairer, better world. The World Kindness Movement does not have any religious, commercial or political motivations. The movement now has 27 representatives from all over the world, ranging from Brazil and China to the UK, Romania, and Zimbabwe.

What can we all do to celebrate World Kindness Day?

Comment on the blog as to what you will do …

Five acts of kindness for other people.

  1. Show kindness to the environment maybe use a reusable cup all day
  2. Send kind words in a letter, e-card, or Facebook post … let someone know how much you appreciate them
  3. Say thank you… to all who come into you day
  4. Be kind yourself… Thinking good positive thoughts and healthy self talk! ?
  5. Walk rather than taking the car on short trips
  6. Volunteer…
  7. Adopt a pet…
  8. Donate… theres so many ways to give
  9. Paste a sticky note… or put a sticky note in your partners or child’s lunchbox with a special message just for them… ❤️
  10. Give flowers…

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”

William Arthur Ward.

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